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 Some Important Things To Know

To begin, possibly the most frequent questions asked:

"Can you provide a blowjob WITHOUT the gloryhole?"


No, if you prefer a blowjob without the gloryhole there are literally hundreds of girls  that can help you, literally ANYONE but me, I am not sure how you even managed to locate me, if you just wanted a standard blowjob.  So, I am sorry (not really) but No, I only offer my services with the gloryhole, and No, paying more won't change my mind, but consistently asking will likely irritate me, and you don't want to irritate the girl who is going to be sucking your cock , do you?? :)


"Why do you hide behind the gloryhole? Are you very ugly, or old, or have something wrong with you??"


No, I am not ugly or old, and there is nothing wrong with me (other than maybe an addiction for cock sucking???). I simply wanted to offer something that is different, and happens to excite me, anonymous cock sucking...

I have had the fantasy of sitting behind a gloryhole for a very, very long time. The whole idea of sitting hidden from view, knowing that you (the man) have absolutely no preconceived notions about how I look, you can just close your eyes and imagine what you want. Am I blonde? brunette? or perhaps a cheeky redhead? Am i petite and small or curvy and voluptuous? Do i have small perky breasts or large full ones, possibly even fake? Am I your favorite porn star, or the slut you remember from high school, am I your wife, your friend's wife, your secretary, or your teenage daughters best friend? Maybe I am your nurse, your teacher or your boss? It's your fantasy. As a bonus, the thought of sucking someone's cock and having absolutely no idea who you are, is also a  massive turn on for me. 


Am I unattractive? Certainly not. However, would every man in the world find me attractive? Also, most certainly not. Men all have their own tastes in women. They like different shapes, sizes, hair and eye colors, boob size etc. and the way a woman looks, and how attractive she is to a man will have a huge bearing on how much he enjoys any sexual encounter with her.  So what if I could remove this element? What if the man could picture whatever they wanted, whomever they wanted? Would the experience be more fulfilling, more euphoric, more pleasurable?  Would the orgasm change somewhat, intensify and fill them with something they had never felt before? I would say that my "research" has all pointed to yes. The men who visit me have deep, earth shattering orgasms, leaving them breathless, speechless and with something I like to call "wobbly knee syndrome." :) It has the power to get you going in the morning, re-energize you at lunchtime, or to completely relax you for bed.

I cannot be amazingly beautiful to every man on the planet, but I can be to YOU, if you just use your imagination a little, my mouth will do the rest.

1. "How many times can I cum?"

Only once. However, i do not rush you and my goal is not to get you in and out as quick as possible. I want to give you an experience you will remember, and a mind blowing orgasm. I want you to come back, again and again. So you will certainly not be rushed however, keep in mind, this is meant to be a quick service so it usually lasts between 10-15 minutes. I will have to end the service if I have tried my best and things just aren't happening. But I do not give up easy, and have about a 99% success rate. ;)

If it takes you an extremely long time to finish with oral, or you typically can't at all, although I am happy to try (and quite often might succeed) you might either want to prepare yourself that you might not finish, and be OK with that or you might want to consider a different type of service to ensure you aren't disappointed.

Most commonly the guys who cannot finish have been drinking/using drugs, or have wanked just before visiting me. Fun for them perhaps, but usually negatively effects the ability to finish. You don't need to wank before you visit me, I won't make you cum right away, don't worry. (I also prefer nice big mouthfuls to swallow.)


2. "How do I pay?"

You place money through the gloryhole before service begins. I will take it from you and count it before putting it away :) You can also transfer money before you arrive via PayID, if you need helpop sorting this out, let me know. Sorry I can't accept cards at the moment.

3. "Can I fuck you through the gloryhole?"

No. Well, unless you visit many times for a standard servic and you have always been respectful during your visits. We can then discuss it, andd agree on rules and cost in advance.

4. "What if I can't finish?"

Unfortunately this happens once in awhile. I cannot guarantee an orgasm. Many factors can contribute such as nerves, tiredness, stress, alcohol or drugs, or perhaps the position doesn't suit you. (some guys have trouble achieving orgasm standing up). Whatever the cause, I will try my best to get a finish out of you. I will stop once I feel there's probably nothing I could do to finish you off. However, the aim is to give you an excellent blowjob regardless of outcome :) Even the guys who couldn't finish enjoyed themselves and some returned and we were able to get there the second time. However, I would probably avoid visiting if you are extremely drunk or drug-effected.

Also, I know that you are horny, but don't wank right before you come. That will just make things frustrating for both of us. Save it for me!

5. "How do I know you're a woman?"

I have been offering this service for several years now in various cities across Australia. I also have many positive reviews online. I promise you will be absolutely confident I am female. before we begin the service. I never, ever let male sit behind the gloryhole (even though some of you naughty boys have offered me a lot of money to do it, it is just not going to happen).

Remember we will have a brief chat when you arrive. I also do a little dirty talk and plenty of moaning and other naughty noises.

There are also some pics of me floating around :x

6. "Do I get to see your face?"

No. This is the whole point of the gloryhole. Anonymous.

7. "Do you really do OWO CIM and SWALLOW?"

Yes I do. I prefer it that way. I love the feeling of a fresh, clean, smooth, hard cock in my mouth and the taste of hot cum going down my throat.

But,  only if you are freshly cleaned. A quick splash under tap with water doesn't properly clean. Pull back the foreskin and clean everything well with soap and water. Scrub the hair around the area as well and don't spray any colognes or deodorants down there. They taste bad. Shaving/trimming is always appreciated, however not necessary if you make sure it's all clean.

The cleaner your cock, the better your blowjob will be.

I also have wet wipes and will give you a quick freshen up before and after. There is no shower or bathroom available. Shower before you leave the house, clean well, and it will be fine :)

8. "Do you answer the door?"

No. When you arrive I will give you instructions on how to access my apartment. When you let yourself in, please take care to not let the door slam, so we don't disturb the neighbors.

9. "Do you have condoms?"

Yes. I supply condoms and will put it on you myself. I will also dispose of it when you're done :)

10. "You said you would do OWO and CIM but you put a condom on?"

Yes, because you didn't bother to be clean or you have signs of an STI. I will not refund you the extra at the end if your service if this happens. It is your responsibility to be clean and fresh for me.

11. "What makes the gloryhole so amazing?"


I cover this in the first question however.....


My regular clients would say that what makes THIS gloryhole amazing, is ME!


Added bonus, it's also anonymous, so no fear of your wife/girlfriend or friends finding out your business.

12. "I really want to see an escort but I am married and worried I will feel guilty."

Then this is the perfect service for you. If you can't see who is pleasing you, then it doesn't count ;) Come let me give you the blowjob your wife or girlfriend won't. I won't tell if you won't.

13. "Your service sounds amazing and just what I am looking for but I am still really nervous about coming. And can't stop my mind racing!"

Nerves are completely normal, however most guys find that they relax fairly quickly when my mouth is on their cock. :) I will always do my best to make you feel at ease also. If you are feeling too nervous, let me know and together we will try and calm you down :)

14. "Do you really give that amazing of a blowjob?"

Yes I do, at least that's what I've been told! Nice big soft lips. Lovely smooth swirling tongue, a tight throat, and soft warm attention to your member. Imagine my mouth and tongue worshiping your cock and balls, then fucking you with my throat like a dirty slut. A fine mix of all the best. :) I truly, genuinely love pleasing a man with my mouth and it shows in my service.


Don't take my word for it though, find out for yourself!

15. "Do you really enjoy sucking cock that much?"

Indeed I do. I started when I was much younger and I have developed a real passion and taste for giving head. It gives me great pleasure to feel you get hard and grow in my mouth and throb against my tongue. It's something I love and luckily have discovered I am very good at.

It's very common for a guy to come and see me at lunch and be that amazed and turned on by my skills that he is hard again later and books and appointment for just after work. It's great stress relief!!

16. "I see your price... but can I offer you less?"

No. The only discounts I ever give are those advertised by me when I am running a special. Continuously asking for discount is rude and it will get you blacklisted.

17. "Do you do car meets?"

No. No, No ,No....stupid question.

18. "Do you do outcalls?"

No, and another stupid question...

19. "I have a smaller penis, will you be able to suck it properly?? I am overweight, tall short etc.?? I have a piercing, it's that a problem??"

My gloryhole is very accommodating. The "wall" is not solid, it has some give. And I haven't had to send anyone away thus far. I can adjust the gloryhole and myself to suit your body type :) Any size, shape, height, weight etc. can be accomodated.

Please do tell me via text before you arrive if there is anything I should know, such as having a piercing, extra tight foreskin etc. It's not a problem, but it's much easier to adjust what I do when I don't have to spend time with a flashlight trying to sort out what is going on. If you have a piercing you will either need to get covered or remove it before your service, as it can damage my pretty teeth.

20. "Is this safe?? Are you STI free?"

I take many precautions such as regular monthly health checks and rinsing my mouth after each booking with antibacterial mouthwash, as well as cleaning my hands well. I also visually check every cock that visits and will cover anything up I am suspicious about.

I am 100% STI free. If you are frequently having sexual encounters with multiple partners, you should consider getting checked regularly.

I also make sure to clean the gloryhole each time. There will be no left behind bits for you to step over. Everything is clean, tidy and I try to give you an environment in which you can relax and enjoy the experience.


21. "Do you offer trades? What do you trade?"

Yes, I trade my services for cash, and mostly that's what I prefer.  However, I do sometimes accept gift cards/phone credit/other valuable items as partial payment. So if you are a little short on cash, take a look around...electronics, designer items, jewelry etc. I might be interested.

22. "You must be a horny bitch to do this all day!?!?"

Oh yes, I most certainly am. I have the best job ever. I do not do this "all day" though. I am a normal(ish) person so if I don't answer straight away, please don't be offended. I might just be at the shops, gym, shower or sleeping. I will return your message when possible.

23. "Do you take walk-ins or do I need a booking?"

I am often available short notice, however you still need to book a time with me as far in advance as possible if you are wanting a certain day/time. This is to ensure you don't have to wait too long and you don't run into other "visitors" of the gloryhole. If you are early or late, or its a short notice booking it might take me a few minutes to get you up, however I will see to you ASAP and always take very good care of you :)


**** I will not entertain questions/enquires about the following ****

1. Appearance of the gloryhole - for security reasons (and because it's not that interesting) I will not send you photos of the gloryhole. It's just a hole :)

2. How many cocks I've sucked, how busy I've been, etc. It's none of your business and if you'd like to wank over it, fine, but send me $$$ first.

3. Anyone looking to utilize my GH for their own sexual/financial gain. No, you cannot suck cock in my GH, even if you pay me and give me all the money made, I will not ever allow a man to be on their knees behind the GH. No. I advertise as female, and the guys visiting expect a female, and that's what they will receive. Your wife also cannot use my GH. She cannot visit with you either. The GH is strictly for men to visit.

On a final note...I have been doing this for a very long time, and I can spot a genuiine booking from someone who is juist wasting my time in an instant. Attempt to waste my time and I will just ignore you, ask me a million questions while trying to wank?? get a life, watch some porn and stop being an annoying human being, and again, you won't get far because I will start ignoring you before you even get the lube out...

Any other questions please SMS me and ask, or just come over and put your cock in my mouth already!! xx Brit