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How The Gloryhole Works


* As you walk in, you will see the gloryhole directly in front of you.


* Close the door behind you (quietly, so you don't disturb the neighbors) then place your money through the gloryhole FIRST.


* You may then unzip and pull your pants down, or take them off.


* Put your cock through the gloryhole and let me service it to completion.


* When you are finished, you leave, thus completing a truely anonymous blowjob/fuck, and possibly the best one of your life.



Hi guys, my name is Britnee :) I adore sucking cock...I really, really do! I could do it all day (and sometimes I do!). Let me show you how much I love it… let my tongue, lips, mouth and throat take you to a whole new level of pleasure... Pretty please?

A bit about me:
   * Caucasian
   * UK/Canadian Background
   * 28 years old
   * 5 ft 6
   * Creamy/pale skin
   * Average weight - very curvy - 34/36 DD bust (natural)

   * Size 12 panties
   * Blonde Hair  - medium to long length
   * Sparkling, sinful large blue eyes
   * Pillowy soft, sweet, tongue and kissable rosy lips
   * And a tight hot, wet, fuckable throat built for deep throat :p

   I led a very sheltered life, my family was extremely religious and my mother barely let me out of the house except to go to church. Once I went to university (strict Christian school) and I tasted my first bit of freedom, I never looked back.


   And then came my first taste of cock, it was the most amazing thing I had ever experienced, and left my panties dripping wet.  From that first time I was addicted. I was on my knees in front of him, looking up at him, shyly and not quite knowing what to do. I pressed his manhood against my lips and into my mouth, tasted a sweet drop of sticky stuff on the tip. I could hear him moan, a moan so deep and animalistic it aroused me in a way nothing ever had. I felt my heart beating in my chest and I knew I had to perfect this skill. I had to learn how to make his legs shake, his heart pump, his pulse race and leave him breathless as he released his hot saltiness into my mouth and down my throat, giving him an orgasm he had never even gotten close to achieving before.


   So I began learning more and more about the art of cock sucking. I spent my day hours with schoolwork, and the nights and weekends I spent finding guys I could try out my new techniques on. I was never short of subjects and my love (and skills) for cocks and cocksucking just grew as I got older.


   I became intrigued by gloryholes and I visited several only to find out was that men were servicing men. I searched for a gloryhole that catered to women servicing men and couldn't find any so I created my own!


   People often ask me why I am so good at it? Why do I like cocksucking so much? And that is because I LOVE cock, i love the taste, feel, smell and i love how they look when they are stiff and ready. Do I like sex? Of course I do, i love many, many different sexual things but there are none that I am quite as passionate about as dick. And a girl who doesn't LOVE dick, will never be able to give a mind blowing blowjob, When you love cock as much as I do, it's not even a job anymore. It's enjoyable and fun and that's why I am so good at it, because I love doing it!

Britnee's Favorites, Likes and Dislikes, etc:

   * Color - Pink

   * Food - Spaghetti

   * Drink - Coke Zero/Mountain Dew (Dr. Pepper -  but its not available here)

   * Candy - Skittles/Starburst

   * Chocolate - Koko Black Cashew Brittle (OMG)

   * Coffee - No (Chai Latte)

   * Musicians - This is sooo hard, I have so many I love. Taylor Swift, Pink, Black Eyed Peas, Fallout Boy, Green Day, Dixie Chicks, Rihanna, Adele, Michelle Branch, Powderfinger - this list could go on and on. Music is amazing.

   * Stores -  SEPHORA !!!♥♥♥♥♥♥(makeup junkie), Mecca, Myers, David Jones

   * Movies - The Notebook, Romeo & Juliet (newer one), The Secret Garden

   * TV Shows - I am such a TV show junkie. I like so many...Game of Thrones, House, House of Cards, Big Bang Theory, Two Broke Girls, Real Housewives (almost all of them), Orange is the New Black, Wentworth♥, Sons of Anarchy♥, Breaking Bad, so so many!